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Charles limits his marriage / relationship practice to counseling with traditional couples. If your need is for total family or same-gender relationships, he will be happy to refer you to expert therapists in those areas.

Charles will tailor your Pre-marriage counseling to your specific needs. You may prefer to meet on a session-by-session schedule for which you would pay the rate for each individual session. The advantage of this arrangement is two-fold: 1) The couple decides which specific issues they want to deal with, and 2) The couple decides how many sessions they wish to attend. Or, if you prefer, he offers a complete package of Pre-marriage Counseling for a flat rate fee. This Pre-marriage Package includes the initial intake / application session, an assessment that the prospective husband and wife complete on-line individually, and a minimum of six counseling sessions. The counseling sessions address topics such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Financial Management, Spiritual Beliefs, and other issues important to establishing a strong foundation for a marriage. The advantage of using the Pre-marriage Package is two-fold: 1) It meets the Georgia requirements for pre-marital counseling, and 2) If the couple needs more than six sessions, there is no additional cost - it is all included in the flat rate fee.

Charles understands that couples who have been together only a few years sometimes have trouble with their relationship especially when the pressures of raising children, long work hours or other outside stressors begin to interfere. He wants to help you work through those difficult times.

Charles understands that couples who have been together for fifteen years, twenty years and even longer sometimes have difficulty in their relationship. He is eager to help you rekindle the flame that you thought was lost forever.

Charles understands there are other situations that couples sometimes face when there seems to be no one to whom they can turn for help. Sometimes when parents face the tragedy of losing a precious son or daughter or other close family member it affects their relationship. Charles wants to help you get through this difficult time.

Sometimes young couples face the disappointment of not being able to conceive - to start that family you've dreamed of for so long. Perhaps your OB/GYN or Assisted Reproductive Technology doctor has requested that you have counseling. Since 2002 Charles has been on the panel of Licensed Counselors who provide assessments and counseling for patients of Georgia Reproductive Specialists - the premiere assisted reproductive clinic in the South. He can help you face the unique challenges of this time in your life.

If your problems are related to Anger or Anxiety/Panic issues Charles may be able to help you resolve those issues in a way that will help preserve your relationship. He offers individual and group counseling for Anger Management issues. He offers individual counseling for those who have Panic Attacks or other Anxiety Disorders, and is especially interested in working with those who wish to decrease or eliminate their use of medication for these problems.

Please call or email him to discuss your needs in any of these areas.


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