About Fees & Insurance

Charles provides counseling on a fee-for-service basis. He will be happy to discuss his fee with you after explaining the complete list of professional services you receive for that fee. Methods of payment include check and cash.

Because of the limitations on the number of sessions for marriage counseling imposed by some insurance companies, and for certain privacy issues, Accord Counseling does not accept insurance. However, your receipt for payment does include the numeric codes required by insurance companies. If your insurance provides for marriage counseling, you may submit a copy of that receipt for reimbursement or to apply to your deductible.

For those who have no insurance and are unable to afford the regular fee due to loss of employment, or some other financial hardship, Charles will be happy to discuss the possibility of you receiving services at a reduced rate. Please feel free to ask about this offer.

Phone: 678.654.7389

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