Free Consultation

If you're seeking marriage counseling, Charles will want to speak to both you and your spouse in separate free telephone consultations. In keeping with his commitment to be fair and equal to both of you, he will not schedule an appointment for relationship counseling without first speaking to both the husband and wife on the phone.

When you call you should be prepared to spend 15 - 20 minutes in this conversation. Charles understands that when problems arise in a marriage or relationship the cause is rarely one-sided. There are always two sides to the story of why your marriage is not on a healthy foundation. During this free telephone consultation Charles is interested in hearing "your side of the story" and how you hope that counseling may save your marriage. During this consultation Charles is interested to have you tell him as much as you choose about your situation. He’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and he will explain the details of how his practice works.

This consultation will help you begin your relationship with him and help you get a "feel" for whether or not you could work with him as your counselor. Charles can also help you decide if your situation is appropriate for counseling with him. If it is not, he will be happy to refer you to other trusted counselors who may be able to help you. If you tell Charles that you feel he is the counselor for you and your situation, he will ask you to ask your spouse to call him so they may have a similar phone consultation. If both of you believe Charles would be a "good fit" for you, then either spouse may call to schedule the first appointment.


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